This Direct Mail Opportunity was created by SUCCESSFUL people who have been in this industry!

We know from experience that making money from home does not have to be complicated.  We do not need to create a website with fancy cars, images of people on the beach, blah, blah, blah.  So let me get straight to the point!!!

If you are motivated, can follow a proven system, remain consistent, then you can make money.  While the internet is a great way to make money, one should not forget the "old fashion" way of making money through the mail which is very much alive and well today.

This Opportunity is proven to make money and is VERY simple which can bring you nice Commissions!  The EARNING potential is MASSIVE!  There will always be money-making Opportunities, but one thing we can say is this type of Opportunity has been around while others have come and are gone.  This Opportunity is appealing to those who do not like being on the internet or do not like to use a computer.  Yes, those people REALLY exist thus why this Opportunity is perfect.  Not to mention, this can be done part-time, full-time, from your bathroom or your couch.  You are simply licking a stamp, putting it on a postcard, placing your Prospect address labels on the postcard, and mailing it.  I bet a 5th grader can do this!

We're a Private Offline Membership Club and a community of like-minded people! Once we receive your enrollment form, you become an Authorized Dealer and a Vested Member.  You will be assigned a unique ID Number.  Make sure you include this number in your marketing materials when promoting this Opportunity.  This is VERY IMPORTANT because this is how we track and mail Commission payments and know what Prospects are signing under you.

This PostCard Opportunity Serves Those Interested In:

High-ticket - This opportunity maximizes your earnings.  We know from being in the industry most people are looking to make more money right away and don't often join small ticket opportunities.  This program serves those consumers' needs.

Low-ticket- This opportunity appeals to those consumers who want to join with not that much money.  Obviously, the commissions are smaller but yes they can add up.

We've been doing this for quite some time so this PostCard Opportunity will appeal to All. 

When You Enroll, Below is What You Will Receive:

  1. We (Coaches) Close All Sales on Your Behalf and Talk to Your Prospects  if needed
  2. You will receive a "Welcome Packet" to include Training
  3. No On-Going Monthly or Membership Fees
  4. Authorized Dealer Certificate (granting lifetime enrollment and resell rights)
  5. You will receive a list of companies that provide leads for people that want to Work from Home, Looking to Make Extra Money, or Just Want a Side Hustle
  6. You will receive information on how to get Postal Stamps at a discounted rate
  7. Prompt Commission Payments Mailed with Tracking
  8. You will receive the Contact Information for Those Who’ve Joined per your Unique ID Number
  9. Ongoing Support - We’re Just an Email and Phone Call Away (allow one business day to return calls and respond to emails due to the volume received)
  10. Access to this Team Resource Website for Your Prospects to Visit
  11. Personal One-On-One Consultation if needed


  1. Bonus - Additional Opportunities to Make Money from Home
  2. Bonus - Millionaire Success Habits eBook
  3. Bonus - Free Postcards and Leads for Every 5th Enrollment Per your ID Number
  4. Bonus - Limited Time Offer Right Now for Those that Join at Level 7 (VIP)

Additional Bonus

  1. Coming Soon - Private Facebook Group
  2. Coming Soon - Zoom Meetings
  3. Coming Soon - Trainings


We created 7 Levels in which you can join.  The Commissions you earn will be based on the Level your new member decides to join.  You will also earn Commissions from those new members who join any Level up to the Level you've joined.

Everything is designed to give you the best possible Opportunity to succeed.  We have made the cost for the Levels where is it much more affordable to the masses.  It is simple and truly works!  Your only job is to share this Opportunity with others by mailing Postcards or other marketing methods (explained in the training materials) you choose.  Unlike many other Opportunities, this system is 100% monitored and cheat-proof!

The system will run its course.  That is it!  No Special Skills Needed! No Meetings!  No Products!  No Inventory! No Bugging Family or Friends!  No Cold Calling! No Hassles!  No Internet Needed!  Lifetime Enrollment! No Monthly Fees! There is no reason why you cannot become successful if you Remain Consistent.

If you are ready to become a member or want additional information, please contact us.

We look forward to locking arms with you!

To your success in 2022,

Busy Bee Consulting

Email:  PostCardMula@Gmail.Com

Text/Call:  850-510-4887 

You may send a message online here:                

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